Commentary on the Guelph Mercury Trib’s Federal Election Candidates Two-Page Spread

Commentary on the Guelph Mercury

Commentary on the Two-Page Spread: Pages 16-17, September 9, 2021

Written by Brian McFalone

The Mercury-Trib’s Federal Election Candidate two-page layout looks like a well-organized and handy way to get a snapshot of each prospective MP running in Guelph.

A cursory glance will give you a smiling photo, name, party, age, occupation and previous political experience of all seven people vying for Guelph’s lone Parliamentary seat.

So far, so informative.

Then comes item #8! The Mercury-Trib corners each candidate with a misleading inquiry about their private health status: vaccination (it’s a gene therapy not a vaccine)!

The Mercury-Trib’s angle plays right into the game of politics: “You don’t care about community safety? You are not compliant with the vaxx agenda as laid out by governments of the world, their agencies, and their mouthpiece media friends? No votes for you!”

Let’s look at how each candidate navigates through this Mercury-Trib trap!

Aisha Jahangir (NDP): “Yes. As a front-line health-care worker during the pandemic, I considered vaccination to be very important both for the protection of myself and my family, and for the protection of my patients.”

Aisha, I consider real vaccinations to be important too. However, this injection is an experimental gene therapy, or as Pfizer puts it, “an operating system”! Geez! What the heck is that? Results of this drug’s efficacy are pouring in as we write and these results indicate a startling lack of consistency of protection for you, your family, or your patients. Your words sound voter friendly but I’m not hearing or seeing any real scientific support for your claims.

Ashish Sachan (Conservative): ”Yes, and I consider vaccines as an effective tool to stop the spread of COVID-19 and I encourage every Canadian who is able to get one. That being said, I also believe that Canadians have the right to make their own health choices.”

Ashish, if this injectable gene therapy were really “an effective tool to stop the spread of COVID-19”, then why are so many people who have availed themselves to this “effective tool” still wearing masks outside and alone in their cars, social distancing, and avoiding people who rely exclusively on their natural antibodies?

Like your NDP competitor, your words sound voter friendly but I’m not hearing or seeing any real scientific support for your claims. Although I must say, I appreciate your personal sentiment that all Canadians have a Charter-based right to make their own health choices. Can I assume that your prospective boss, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, is on side with you about this freedom of choice?

Lloyd Longfield (Liberal): “Absolutely, yes.”

Lloyd, such economy of words! Right to the point and no farther! Yet your terse reply begs so many more questions than it answers! Your boss, Mr. Trudeau, says that his government will not rest until this gene therapy is injected into every Canadian arm!

Your Health Minister, Teresa Tam, says that “after we vaccinate every Canadian, we must remain vigilant!” Lloyd, my arm is not available for your party’s agenda! By what means will you and your Party fulfill this stated goal?

Do you think I will need to assemble my survivalist gear to bug out or to put it more succinctly: Run for my life? So many unanswered questions!

Michelle Bowman (Green): “I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect myself, my family and friends, and because it is the socially responsible thing to do.”

Michelle, as the scientist that you are, please explain to us voters how the COVID-19 injection provides the protection that you, your family, and your friends enjoy.

Evidently you know something that so many recipients of this experimental drug have not experienced: consistent protection! And while you’re at it, Michelle, please explain how exercising my Charter-given right to decline participation in this global gene therapy experiment makes me socially irresponsible?

Tristan Dineen (Communist): “I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 because I believe the science and understand that vaccination is necessary if we want to protect each other.”

Tristan, which “science” do you “believe” in? The paper scientists who preach politicized medicine (see Tam or Fauci) or, for example, the myriad of real medical practitioners who authored the Barrington Declaration, calling for an immediate halt of the COVID-19 injection program because, among other reasons, it’s too dangerous for humans.

Also Tristan, since you “understand” how this injection will protect us from each other, I wish you would detail how this mutual protection works.

Josh Leier (PPC): “We are all concerned about COVID-19. It has been devastating to our country in many ways. The question of my vaccination status is private medical information that I keep confidential between my doctor and myself. Every Canadian deserves the right to bodily autonomy and medical privacy, and I intend to fight for those rights for all of us.”

Congratulations Josh! You jumped clear of the Mercury-Trib’s trap in beautiful fashion. Well done! In the vernacular, I think that Josh is quite eloquently responding to this injection snare by politely saying: None of your beeswax!

The Mercury-Trib, on behalf of their readership, needs to stop aligning its editorial content with the myopic, fixation of the Federal Liberal government on a lone injectable drug to the exclusion of much safer alternatives that are proving to work very well: monoclonal antibodies, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin in concert with physical fitness, a qualitative, diversified diet, plus a healthy daily dose of vitamins C, D, zinc, and quercetin.

Next time, how about skipping the propaganda fluff by asking each candidate something of substance like: As a federal MP, tell the voters how you and your party intend to respond to the problems associated with the pathogen known as COVID-19?

-Brian McFalone, Guelph

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