About Me

Joshua Leier

“I am not doing this for glory. I’m not a career politician. I’m a dad, concerned for my daughter’s future—actually, I’m concerned about the future for all of us!”

Why I Decided to Run for the PPC

I moved to Guelph when I was 9 years old. Since then I’ve seen the city grow exponentially over the past two decades. For more than half a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to my students. I coach students with learning disabilities to grow their self-confidence and independence, helping them achieve academic success. I also operate my own digital marketing agency to help other small businesses thrive online.

In university, I studied everything from business and psychology to political philosophy. Through my dedication, I was nominated for Wilfrid Laurier’s Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence by my professors and students. At the same time, I fought for freedom of expression on campus as the President of Laurier Students for Liberty. I brought awareness to the student population of injustices and economic disasters during my time as the Campus Coordinator for both the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

A passion for individual autonomy and liberty is in my blood, as my grandfather spent the majority of his life defending freedom for Canadians while a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I wants to ensure the noble values and principles my grandfather defended are not lost under this new wave of medical and political authoritarianism. My goal is to represent the voice of the silent majority to create a prosperous future for all Canadians.

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